Keep landmarks for future generations

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 THERE are two significant historical landmarks in East Sepik which are supposed to have more attention.

Cape Wom Memorial Park  is located a few kilometres west of Wewak. 

It was at Cape Wom that the World War II officially ended. The Japanese surrendered to the allied forces and the exchange of the swords took place. 

Cape Wom Memorial Park does not draw a lot of attention from national, provincial authorities and even the tourism promotion authority and as a result receives little recognition. 

The road leading into Cape Wom Memorial Park has deteriorated over the years and does not attract visitors to this historical landmark of PNG.

Prince Charles Oval is the other landmark. 

This is the location where Prince Charles officiated on Sept 16, 1975.

This historical landmark is now occupied by the “Somare Stadium”. 

The Sepiks refer to it as a “white elephant” as there is no significant importance of the stadium and should not replace the landmark. 

Such places should be reserved for the future generations to learn and to appreciate the history.

Joe Simbiken