Keep NCD clean, safe


I THANK the cleaners around National Capital District for the great job in cleaning the city.
Ignorance has ruined our city.
City residents are destroying the city at a rate that is beyond repair.
More money is spent of fixing these damages.
Although the efforts to clean the city are commendable, we need to do more to clamp down on pick-pocketing, robbery, betel nut spittle, overcrowding and other issues to make our city safe and free.
Overcrowding contributes to a lot of issues in the city.
A ban on street sales can help keep thugs away.
A few months ago, I came across an incident where I noticed a certain vendor selling knives at Gordon.
The vendor assisted a robber with the knife to threaten the public and robbing them.
Allowing vendors to sell on the street and overcrowding provides a haven for thugs to thrive.
Something needs to be done about this.
Thugs take cover in the crowds and slip away unnoticed and attempts to catch them would often fail because of the crowd.
Get rid of street vendors if you want to prevent overcrowding in public places.
Cleaners are doing their best to keep the city clean and safe, but the vendors are still there.
Can the city authority get the vendors to sell their items someplace else?

Tony Guan,
Kondan Baundo-Simbaix