Keep settlers out of Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

The National

I AM from Jimi and I travel frequently to Mt Hagen to do my banking and shopping.
In doing my business in Hagen, I was robbed in broad daylight in front of a supermarket.
My colleagues travelling to the city from the outskirts were also robbed on different occasions.
I noticed that these criminals come from the settlements around Mt Hagen. 
As such, I call on the Jiwaka provincial working committee not to allow settlements to mushroom in our provincial HQ.
I urge the local communities in the capital (wherever it may be) or anywhere in Jiwaka not to sell their land to outsiders.
The working committee must look at ways to attract investments.
Roads must be given top priority so the people can sell their produce and economic activities will keep the province vibrant.
If the people are occupied, I see no reason why there should be petty crimes.


Happy Jiwakan
Via email