Keep the faith to create a better country

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 PNG has been declared a Christian country but do most of its citizens practice the true values of Christianity?

In our everyday life, our actions portray the opposite to Christian values and principles we profess having. 

We carry the tag but our conduct fits the lifestyles of hypocrites.

How can we expect otherwise if so many people gamble, get drunk and absent themselves from church?

On the other hand, we too often read of killings motivated by revenge and sorcery, using obscene language in public and chewing betel nuts.

Are these the characteristics of true Christians?

What about the high rate of corruption practised by individuals from the grassroots to the national level? 

Is it not a sin? 

We would have been crushed to ashes by God for our impurities.

However, his mercy for us through his only son Jesus Christ, who is the perfect sacrificial lamb for our sins, saves us from destruction and we are now guaranteed God’s holy kingdom.

I think we need to consider our actions. 

We need to pray daily, read and understand the Bible, meditate on the word and  be inspired by the Holy Spirit, so that our faith is justified.

I also believe, the remedies or solutions to address corruption, social, economic, or political problems are all found in the Bible.

Until then, may the peace of Jesus Christ, our only hope of salvation, be with us all the citizens of this country and the Holy Spirit inspires everyone of us for a better PNG.


Tony Palme Kip

Port Moresby