Keep up the good work Dr Pok


AS a ward member of Kuiona 1 and a loyal supporter of North Waghi Dr Fabian Pok, I can say that Dr Pok is the best MP we’ve had so far.
We, the Kuiona one people, are known as Tsenglap two, the tribe that the MP hails from because of our loyalty to him.
We remain loyal to him because his leadership quality has no discrimination or unfairness in terms of service delivery.
Dr Pok does not discriminate between his supporters and those of other candidates.
He serves them equally and fairly.
Since 2017, all North Waghi students have benefited from the school fee subsidy.
All the 44 council wards in North Waghi have benefited from the sawmill distribution.
All wards have received roofing iron sheets.
All will benefit from the solar panels which are being distributed at the moment.
Pok has the education qualification and the attributes of a national leader.
A testament to his leadership qualities is the fact that he has been accorded with various senior ministerial portfolios since he was first elected in 1997.
He is a respected figure that has a great network connected to both national and international levels.
No MP in Papua New Guinea is assisting with school fees like Dr Pok is doing.
He spent K14.5 million since 2017, which is a tremendous achievement and a wonderful investment.
This year, he increased the school fee support from K1.5m to K2.5m.
The MP has never been unfair or discriminated anyone in terms of school fee support and other services.
We will never find someone like Dr Pok again.
Let us not play cheap politics but accord every respect and support to him to continue the good work he is doing.
I salute you Dr Pok.
Keep up the good work.

Wok Mas Go Yet,
Peter Jingamp,
Kuiona One