Keep up the good work, MP for Obura Wonenara

Letters, Normal

The National

ON behalf of the people of Obura Wonenara, I would like to congratulate John Boito for his outstanding leadership skills.
While he may be a Grade Eight dropout, Mr Boito is now the current MP for Obura Wonenara, EHP Deputy Governor and the deputy leader for PDM.
He is a man with big vision and plans, a man of big words and action.
Since Mr Boito took office as an elected MP, Obura Wonenara, once known as the least developed electorate in the country, is heading forward in terms of development.
With the first K4 million allocations, he has established Obura Wonenara Works unit by purchasing some heavy equipment and the unit has constructed many roads in the district within this short time.
I commend the Member for building a new road from Nombia to Baira and all the way to Kokombira.
Now, the people from as far as Wonenara and Azena, can bring their coffee to Kainantu through the new Nombia-Baira road.
He must also be commended for upgrading the deteriorating Obura Wonenara road from Norikori to Habi-ina and all the feeder roads within the Gadsup area.


Tairora Weravano Uvativo
Obura Wonenara