Keep up the good work, Poponawa

Letters, Normal

BEFORE the 2007 general election, the only changes the people of Tambul got to see were different MPs.
There were no developments, infrastructure built during the colonial days deteriorated and the district headquarters was covered by thick elephant grass.
People travelling from Mendi to Mt Hagen used to call Tambul a ghost town or blackout town.
Recently, I went to Tambul to spend my school holidays and I was expecting to be greeted by tall elephant grasses.
Imagine my surprise when I saw flower beds planted along the road sides and streets devoid of rubbish.
From the market, I could clearly see the Tambul Elementary School.
Previously, the tall elephant grass would blocked the view of the school.
Near the district office, I could see two towers belonging to bemobile and Digicel.
The people of Tambul are now able to speak to their loved ones and the outside world.
The police have a blue 10-seater vehicle with the word “Police” marked on it while on the opposite side, I could see another white 10-seater with “Tambul ambulance” clearly marked.
At the edge of the old airstrip, new buildings are coming up.
I must commend MP Benjamin Poponawa for changing the image of the town.
Keep up the good work.
To the people of Tambul-Nebilyer, please look after these facilities provided by our MP and more will come our way.



Pokari McNamara