Keep up the good work, Sapau

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the negative comments and accusations made by disgruntled LLG presidents against Governor Michael Sapau over NBC Manus.
It is not worth refuting their allegations point by point because most are products of anger and frustrations; and it came from those who were dismissed from their executive positions as chairmen for failure to perform.
The new chairmen are working with the governor and are doing a fine job.
In fact, the provincial government under the leadership of Sapau has done much more within three and half years than any of his predecessors.
As for the disgruntled presidents from the islands and coastal areas of Manus, they should mobilise their people and participate in the K10 million fisheries projects by the national government through Sapau.
Why waste time throwing mud at the governor instead of working closely with him and bring tangible developments?
They should be ashamed of themselves for failing to deliver when they had the chance.
I urge this disgruntled group to get a copy of Chauka news bulletin so that they know what is happening in Manus.
I had the benefit of reading the first issue and came to know about developments taking place.
Dirty politics and negative thinking have led to a lack of development in Manus over the last 35 years. 
There are too much mudslinging and negative statements.
Enough is enough.
Frankly, I am not a supporter for Sapau.
But he has proved me wrong.
Keep up the good work.


Kom Lok