Keep up the work, Agiru

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Agiru determined to deliver services” by “Hela eagle” (The National, Sept 21).
The writer commended SHP Governor Anderson Agiru for delivering services and development projects in Hela and Southern Highlands.
Hela and Southern Highlands will host of the first LNG project in PNG.
The Kokopo BSA charted directions, especially with regard to the development of impact projects and MoA funds which are to be used on public infrastructure for the benefit of all stakeholders.
But the siphoning and diversion of millions of kina is a direct violation of the spirit of the Kokopo BSA, killing the spirit and morale of genuine landowners and the people of Gulf, Western, Hela and Southern Highlands.
Despite that, I call on Mr Agiru to continue with the good work, especially the two-lane highway under construction from Halimbu (Hayapunga), to Ambua Lodge.
I also urge the governor to start the Gulf-Southern Highlands Highway.


Kali Walu
Kagua-Erave, SHP