Keeping culture alive


The Hiri trade between the Motu Koitabuans of Port Moresby and the Keremas of Gulf will be invigorated at Gulf Provincial Day and the Gulf Mask Festival in Kerema town this weekend.
A delegation, led by Motu Koitabu Assembly chairman Opao Udia, will include selected members of the assembly, a cultural group and the 2017 Hiri Hanenamo Quest winners will join the people of Gulf as far as Kikori and East Kerema to celebrate the festival.
“Motu Koitabuans are obliged to the people of Gulf for the friendship that has evolved between us over the years from the Hiri trade,” Udia said.
Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta encouraged the strengthening of the Hiri partnership and called for a closer working relationship between the people of Gulf and Motu Koitabu.