Kemutafe appointed head of Highlands schoolboys’ RL

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The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

FORMER Highlands zone rugby league hooker Ken Kemutafe has been appointed to run the schoolboys rugby league programme in Henganofi, Eastern Highlands.
Former female athlete (long distance runner) Nerrie Sine and Olex Kasino were also appointed to assist Kemutafe to run the programme for schools in the district.
National coordinator of PNG National Rugby League (PNGNRL) Bid All schools programme Iffysoe Segeyaro announced their appointment in Goroka this week.
“They will be the first district out of Goroka to run the programme at a recognised district level, they will be speaking at the Henganofi schools graduation on the programme,” Segeyaro said.
He said Henganofi, which will be the second district to roll out the schoolboys rugby league competition, would now be the second after Goroka district.
Segeyaro said official programme for Henganofi would begin early next year.
President of Eastern Highlands schoolboys rugby league, Ellyson Ketauwo welcomed the appointment of Kemutafe, Sine and Kasino, saying it is not a mistake for them to be appointed as they are experienced sports personalities and back ground.
He said they needed the competition to be in the district to give more significance to develop young coming players at the junior level.
“Eastern Highlands is known for producing excellent rugby league stars and to have a good junior development base is not a mistake. I call on district sports development officers in all districts to assist set up school boys competitions in Okapa, Lufa, Obura-Wonenara, Kainantu, Unggai-Bena and Daulo districts,” Ketauwo said.
Meanwhile, officials of the programme have selected a strong development squad for Goroka after the inter-schools carnival at the National Sports Institute last week.
Goroka programme president Richard Finno and his officials had difficulties in selecting the squad as many youngsters displayed quality raw talent.
The line up:  Komoxy Andrew, Stanley Jerry (East Goroka Primary), Justus Kaupa, Berry Traima, Ben Koi, (North Goroka Primary), Jonah Apo, Brandon Jacob, Nicky Oliver, Patrick Inapero, Lavax Ketauwo (Okiyufa Primary), Waraki Tobun, Bobby Ingus, Charles Gibson (Manto Primary), Nasa Dowe, Ipson Raka, Steven Ava (Faniufa Primary), Simon Iveho, Yannick Aizuwe (Ginitoka Primary), Lolo Isaac (Asaroka Primary).
The team management is Finno (manager), John Koi (coach), Aisoli Bobola (trainer), Agetha Jopa (First aid), Julius Kapinias, Bee Aizuwe and Robert Kapilo are other officials.