Kerema Catholic priests to hold conference

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THE Kerema Catholic diocese in Gulf province is holding its annual meeting this week with parish priests from its mission stations to discuss issues affecting the church and its members.
The meeting is being held at the Kerema diocese Caritas office where discussions are focused on food shortages among its parishioners in the remote Kaintiba and Kotindanga areas as a result of continuous rain in the area.
Caritas provincial coordinator Joseph Puaka said this week that more than 20 priests from affected districts were attending the meeting to report on the situation and find ways to help communities who were affected.
“The reports we have just received from parish priests in affected areas indicated that the situation is getting worse,” Mr Puaka said.
“Schools have been suspended while aid posts and district offices are open in the mornings.”
Two weeks ago, the priests met with 20 catechists from each community within the Kanabea LLG who reported 60 deaths from the area as a result of food shortage. 
The food shortage problem in the mountains of Gulf province was reported to the media two months ago.
At the time, Mr Puaka highlighted that garden food crops were being destroyed by continuous rain.