Kerema man still missing

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The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

ERIC Oreape, a father of three from Aivau village in Ihu, Gulf, is still missing after a dinghy he was on reportedly capsized between Ihu and Kerema two months ago.
Two other people said to be in the dinghy at the time were found dead days later.
Oreape and relatives were on their way from Kerema to their village to support Kikori open candidate and former Kumul Stanley Haru when their dingy capsized.
Relatives of missing Oreape said he apparently called his family a week after the accident and informed them that he was alive. But he has not communicated with them since.
The relatives tracked down the call and said it had come from Kupla in the outskirts of Kerema town.
Gulf provincial police commander Chief Insp Heni Vagi said police were investigating, although the elections had disrupted and delayed their progress.
“We are investigating the incident, we need the family to come and help us with evidence so that we can work on the case,” Vagi said.