Kerevat needs more involvement

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THE Kerevat National High School board wants more involvement in the school’s future rehabilitation and development programmes.
Levi Orong a member of the school’s governing council said it is only logical for the board and the education department to be more involved in the running of the school apart from other stakeholders.
Mr Orong described the K7 million contract work to refurbish the schools dormitories as a two-way deal between the contractor and the National Planning office (NPO).
He said the NPO was acting as the client and the project manager at the same time.
“This has to change in the future.
“There must be more involvement from the school board and the education department,” he said.
Major renovation work would soon take place on the deteriorating classrooms under a second phase worth K4 million.
It would be tendered by the Central Supply and Tenders Board in two weeks as scoping works have already been completed.
Mr Orong said more partnership involvement amongst all stakeholders would ensure that the scope of works complied with the agreed terms of contract.
“All provincial governments in the New Guinea islands region should not just sit and remain as spectators.
“They should help the school, especially the East New Britain provincial government as students were coming from all provinces in the region as well as the country,” he said.