Kerevat suspends next year’s classes

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 17, 2010

CLASSES at the Kerevat National High School in East New Britain will be suspended next year.
Citing health reasons, the National Education Board stated in a report that the cancellation of classes would allow for maintenance work to be conducted on the sewerage system and other rundown facilities.
It said the malfunctioning sewerage system had caused a lot of problems for the school, which needed a complete overhaul and maintenance of its treatment plant.
According to a health report compiled for the school, septic tanks would also be constructed at all residential buildings and dormitories, connected to the treatment plant.
Education board chairman and acting education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio said the implications were that there would be no classes at Kerevat National High School next year.
He said teaching staff at the school would be placed on non-institutional positions or redeployed to other institutions.
“Current students at Kerevat will go to Maltech Secondary School,” Pagelio said.
He said the governing council would remain in office to oversee maintenance work on the facilities.
He said K10 million in project submission and K2 million from the subsidy component had been secured.
Much of the work would be centred on fixing the sewerage system, water pump and renovating teachers’ houses and classrooms.
Pagelio said Kerevat National High School would start classes in 2012 as a school of excellence.