Key to success is hard work


I AM concerned about the uncertainties faced by people who could have succeeded but are still struggling.
What we have to remember is that everything has a small beginning. While life is easy when it is served on a clean plate, those who succeed best are the ones who have also come through the muddy paths to get to their destination.
However, just because we have not reached the peak of our success does not mean that we have failed because there are other opportunities that we can explore to get to where we want to be.
We should take the time to look around us and make the most of what is available. Sometimes the smallest things we have can lead us to the biggest result.
For example, if you don’t have a tertiary education, start again and enrol at an institution that can take you back to the basics and help you upgrade your skills and lead you to the top.
If you look at some of Papua New Guinea’s successful people, many of them struggled earlier on in their life. Success doesn’t come easy. It involves hard work.

Junior Kupstar

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