Khay: It’s not over yet

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The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


Ousted Lae lord mayor James Khay said he would dispute his loss in the LLG elections following the declaration of Koim Trilue Leahy last week.

Khay’s term will end on August 30 when the writs for the LLG elections are returned, but last Friday, he declared “the game is not over”.

Khay told Electoral Commission officials that he would dispute the results in court.

Present at the declaration were provincial election manager Simon Sinai, election steering committee chairman Patilias Gamato and deputy Robin Calistus, city manager Roy Kamen, senior police officers and counting officials.

Officials were from the three polling areas at West Taraka community hall (46), St. Francis Technical (47) and Gantom Primary School (48).

Sinai thanked Khay for demonstrating his leadership ability in the past nine years as lord mayor.

“You are real gentleman, a leader with courage to come forward and speak your mind,” Sinai said.

Last Saturday, Khay claimed that nepotism and bribery were evident at the three West Taraka and two Four-Mile polling areas.

Khay had disputed the counting of some boxes.

“The Lae city lord mayor election was a failed election. I therefore will remain and operate as lord mayor until the court decides who the legitimate leader is,” Khay said.