Khay: My scrutineer was abducted

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The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


LAE Lord Mayor James Khay claims that one of his election scrutineers was abducted and held for two hours by a rival candidate and his supporters last Saturday.

He said his official, who he did not want to name for security reasons, was abducted from at the National Polytechnical Institute counting station. 

The man suffered from shock and was treated for wounds on his face and body.

He said he had reported the matter to Lae police. No comments could be obtained from police yesterday.

Khay is facing stiff competition from 43 candidates for the seat he had held for eight years.

Khay also claimed that two ballot boxes from polling stations at Gantom and St Francis primary schools in West Taraka were hijacked during polling last week by supporters of candidates who marked their candidates’ features on the ballots’ number one spots.

He said he had reported the matters to police and election officials in Lae. Attempts to get comments from the police or the electoral commission were unsuccessful.

“The candidate himself was driving the car when they hijacked my man and they tried to shoot him in the car,” he said. 

“I have already talked to the police. I also want the polling officials at West Taraka questioned and the policemen on duty.”