Kiap: Pick loyal boxing executives

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

NCD Boxing Association president Honk Kiap wants boxing associations attending the national championships to vote people with a heart for boxing at its annual general meeting.
Kiap, also the NCDC deputy city manager, said this before flying out with the NCDBA team to Vanimo.
NCDC have supported the team with return airfares, accommodation and meals worth K24,500.
The NCD boxing team is: Jack Willie (49kg), Junior Kauka (52kg), Henry Umings (56kg), Chiko Emmanuel (60kg), Tom Boga (64kg), Alex Worogop (69kg), Charles Kavo (75kg) and Peter Michael (81kg).
The officials are Mark Keto (coach), Posu Aero (team manager) and Willie Gube and Joe Peki (referee and judge).
Honk said he hoped the AGM would restore confidence in the PNG Amateur Boxing Union (PNGABU) because over the last five years the boxing union has had to deal with questions on its operations and effectiveness.
Honk said he believed the other centres would be happy to see a change in administration.
  “Continuous interference will question the union’s ability to administrate boxing.
 “If not improved it might give a negative picture of PNGABU and might also spoil the union’s chance of participating at AIBA-sanctioned tournaments.
 “I would hope the new office bearers are neutral and have the willingness to run PNGABU and not persuade their self interest,” Kiap said.
“We (NCDBA) have been neutral in all matters when the union was in turmoil.
“We wanted to see boxing make a mark in PNG where all boxers can compete at the national level and participate independently without fear or favour.”
Honk urged the boxing union to provide a financial and administration report as this would reflect positively on the union and give the outside centres confidence.
Kiap did not hide the fact that he would put his hands up to be the next boxing boss but he said that was up to the associations to decide.
“I always respect the incumbent president but at the moment that post is vacant and if I’m nominated, I will accept it.
“I won’t lobby for the position, I‘ll leave it up to the centres but they know what I have been with boxing in NCD.”