Kickboxer gets rapid fire response

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The National, Monday March 10th, 2014


KICKBOXER Jonathan Tuhu got a life line to enhance his career.

Tuhu, who has record of eight wins, one draw and a loss from 10 fights has a golden opportunity to develop under PNG-born Australian mixed-martial arts champion Adrian Pang. 

Tuhu, pictured, was thankful for the media coverage The National gave him last this week with Pang taking on the 22-year-old at his Integrated Martial Arts Gym in Brisbane.

The only catch was that Tuhu, who hails from Karkar (Madang) and Gembogl (Chimbu) had to pay his own way down to Brisbane with Pang’s offer of support covering training and accommodation costs. Tuhu who lives at 4-Mile near Eda Ranu said following the article he had a call from a willing sponsor, the PNG Tribal Foundation the next day who offered to pay for his airfares.

Tuhu said he could not believe his luck and gave credit to his strong Christian values that saw his prayers being answered.  PNG Tribal Foundation volunteer director and treasurer Paul Wagun confirmed their support for Tuhu last Thursday.

Wagun said in return for their help, Tuhu would help spread awareness on violnce against women which was one of the non-governmental organisation’s projects.

“He is a fighter and a good Christian which we know very well of…so what better person to have as our agent for change,” Wagun said.

Tuhu said the news was a bonus as he prepared for next month’s (April 26) Ox & Palm Cup eight-man kickboxing contest in Port Moresby.