Kickboxer Samson seeking support to fight in Australia


KICKBOXER Nelson Samson is reaching out to the corporate sector for sponsorship to attend a fight in Sydney, Australia, later this month.
Samson has secured a fight which is being promoted as the main bout on March 19 and time is running out on him.
However, he has a promoter who understands that Covid-19 has made things very difficult for travel with the mandatory quarantine requirements stretching his budget.
They were hopeful that the situation would change for the better, but it seems that this is not the case which is why finding the necessary funds to afford the quarantine protocols is the next plan of action.
“Quarantine (14 days) will cost almost A$3,000 (K8,200) and I have to find that money very quickly if I want to make this fight,” Samson said.
But the Australian promoter is willing to give him another slot in April or May if he can afford the quarantine fees.
Therefore, any support would be equally critical, Samson says.
Samson has been travelling back and forth to Australia, getting involved in bouts over the past few years, but has yet to make a big break.
He says he is building his profile with undercard or supporting fights and a big break is getting closer through his perseverance and determination.
Any interested sponsors can contact Samson on 70 171 051 or Martin Liri on 73 334 390 or via email on