Kickboxing pushing for inclusion at Olympics

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014


THE Oceania Kick Boxing Federation will bid for the sport to be included in the next Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

They will submit the bid at the World Kickboxing Congress in Prague, Czech Repulic, early next month.

Oceania World Kickboxing Federation (OWKF) president Robert Wilsmith will attend the World Congress and Referee Seminar – where he will present the bid on behalf of the region. 

Wilsmith said there is a huge following of the sports in the Oceania and South East Asia region so this region must push to have kickboxing in to Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

President of the WKF South Pacific Region Stanley Nandex said both presidents have discussed the push for the code to make that big leap on the world stage.

Nandex said it be a dream come true to see kickboxing sport enter in to next Commonwealth or Olympic Games.

Nandex said he would be looking forward to hear the feedback from the conference before major developed of the code would start to proceed. 

He said kickboxing in the country has excelled in its development and the code is quite advanced both at the amateur and professional levels.

Kickboxing is not in next year’s Pacific Games but they hope to have it included in the 2019 Pacific Games.