Kidnapped security manager released after talks


A security manager at the Angore Wellpad A camp in Hela was held hostage for a few hours by a group of kidnappers but released yesterday after negotiations with the company, says provincial police commander Michael Wely.
Wely confirmed yesterday that the kidnapping happened on Wednesday night after a group claiming to be landowners took hostage the security company’s manager over a landowner issue.
“The kidnapping group caused damage to the campsite by burning properties and cutting down trees and blocking off the roads to the two camps – Angora Wellpad A and B,” he said.
Wely said as soon as he was alerted of the incident, officers were sent into the site. But the kidnappers refused to negotiate with them.
“So police did not interfere because the kidnappers demanded that they will only negotiate with the security firm to have their manager released safely,” he said.
It was alleged that during the day, the kidnappers cut down trees and blocked off the road, then torched the premises.
Wely said police were playing their part in keeping normalcy in the area.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson from ExxonMobil PNG said the government security force was notified and appropriate response measures were underway.