Kidnappers’ lawyers infuriate magistrate

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FOUR men charged with kidnapping two children and a babysitter for a K5 million ransom were told by a magistrate that their case would proceed regardless of whether their lawyers were ready or not with their submissions.
The accused yesterday appeared briefly before Waigani senior Magistrate Sinclaire Gora who reprimanded the defence lawyers for failing to tender their written submissions.
“No matter what, I am going ahead with handing down a decision in two weeks time,” he said.
The accused are Tua Yangat Biori Siropon, 27, of Erap in Morobe province; Ate Nori Kofu, 32, of Lufa in Eastern Highlands; Mage Yame, 24, of Okapa in Eastern Highlands; and Alex Diri, 32, from Irupe, Daru in Western province.
Magistrate Gora said: “I was quite clear at the last appearance that this would be the last appearance for mention before I make my decision.”
He is deciding on whether or not to commit the matter to the National Court.
One lawyer did not make an appearance while another, who was present, told the court that his submission had yet to be typed and was still in a handwritten draft.
Another lawyer who was present in the courtroom left after a brief adjournment awaiting for the accused to arrive from Bomana Correctional Services.
Magistrate Gora noted that only one lawyer was present to tender his submission and said: “I will still set the date for my ruling in two weeks time.”
The accused are charged with impersonating PNG Power employees to gain entry into a house to kidnap, commit armed robbery, rape and demanding a ransom.
The four struck on May 30 at the residence of Nambawan Super Ltd chief executive officer Leon Buskins at 3-Mile.
They last appeared before the Magistrate Court on March 25.