Kidnapping worries


THE increase in the abduction of ordinary people not only in NCD but also in parts of the country is worrisome as it poses a serious threat to the general security of the citizens of this country.
According to the Police Commissioner in The National on April 17, reported abduction cases more than doubled over the past three years.
Despite not stating the nature of the abductions, what is more alarming is police have made only a few arrests leaving most perpetrators running around freely.
In view of the recent spate of abductions in Port Moresby, kidnapping for people for money or extortion by organised criminal gangs is bound to flourish in no time if continuously ignored and no action taken.
People believed to be traffickers of human body parts are paying these professionals to abduct and kidnap unsuspecting victims for their internal organs.
The government must wake up and start funding the police to respond effectively and deal with the menacing threat.
A special operation or investigation is needed to get to the root of the problem.
These rogue groups are armed and dangerous and carry out their illegal business under cover.
Certainly I want to live in a society where I am able to move around without fear and on constant alert.
Every citizen would want that too, therefore, those responsible must be identified, isolated and suppressed at once before like cancer, it rapidly spreads.

Osbourne Nandali