KIK draws schedule to pick up white copra


The Kokonas Indastri Korporesen (KIK) is no longer allowing farmers to bring copra to their shed, however, they will go out to the wards pick ups.
KIK said this would ensure for quality checks were done.
KIK said in a statement that its subsidiary company Coconut Resource Ltd (CRL) in East New Britain would implement a new weekly white copra pick-up schedule.
“The farmers have to follow the right process of producing white copra,” KIK said.
“Due to issues such as copra not meeting requirements, black copra hidden in bags and when the copra did meet the requirements, it create a burden to the farmers.”
Monday would be pick-ups fpr the Bitapaka local level government (LLG), Tuesday in Raluana LLG and Wednesday in the Duke of York LLG at the beachfronts.
Thursday will be pick-ups in the Kokopo Vunamami LLG and Fridays in in Gazelle, Pomio and Rabaul.
The KIK and CRL managements had a technical meeting team comprising all producing wards, provincial government, LLGs and the management meeting monthly to address issues and looked at ways to lift the coconut industry.
The management was looking forward to increasing its fleet and other resources, including human resources, as it prepares to meet the demand.
“The Kokonas KIK is the statutory regulatory institution for the coconut industry in Papua New Guinea.
“It focuses on the development of the industry micro-small medium enterprises for high value coconut products and market access.”
KIK has taken bio-security measures against pest and diseases and replanting programmes.