Kikori needs new leaders


THE Kikori district administration (KDA) in Gulf needs to be overhauled and restructured in terms of its administrative leadership.
This is in order to deliver basic services effectively and efficiently to majority of the people of Baimuru, Ihu and Kikori subdistricts.
Key administration positions in KDA need to be occupied by people with proven management skills, qualifications, experiences, technical know-how and expertise.
A good amount of work time – at least 50 per cent – each week, month and year should be spent at workplace to deliver services effectively.
KDA officials need to conduct regular field visits to identify basic developmental and services delivery gaps.
These need to be addressed in ensuing months or years to help improve livelihood of our people in the four LLGs of the district, after discussions through district strategic planning and workshops by all stakeholders.
The old regime that is working and operating in isolation from both Kerema and Port Moresby must be replaced in key responsible positions within KDA.
They have not performed and proven in the past 15-20 years.
The lack of improved basic health, education, transportation, communication, social and economic services in Baimuru, Ihu and Kikori subdistricts today reflects the kind of political and administrative leadership that KDA once had between the years 2002-2017.
The question now being asked by many is: “Is the new regime (under new MP for Kikori Soroe Eoe) leaning towards similar kind of administrative and political leadership blunder of the past?”
If the new Kikori MP, who is also the Minister Youth Religion and Community, is serious about transforming the district in the next three years, he’s got to have people in key responsible positions grounded in the district.
Failure to do this means transformation will be impossible.
The hard fact is that our people in Kikori have not seen anything meaningful and progressive at subdistrict level to improve their lives as yet.
A lot of developmental and services delivery gaps in Gulf Vision 2020 that were identified in 2010 were not implemented and fulfilled in all subdistricts in Kikori.
KDA senior officials need to pursue developmental and services improvement programmes objectively in 2019.
What are the three developmental objectives for Baimuru, Ihu and Kikori subdistricts under KDA in 2019?

BK Dara

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