Kikori to get new clinics

Normal, Papua

KIKORI district in Gulf will have 30 new clinics for its different wards.
This was announced by local MP and Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations Mark Maipakai when he embarked on the project to bring in much needed government services to his electorate.
He said that Kikori had suffered due to deteriorating education and health services and had come to the point of being non-existent due to increase in fuel prices.
The minister, under the joint district planning and budget priorities committee (JDP&BPC) engaged locals from Gaii village to build the clinics and assemble them together so that they could be transported to their location to be erected.
Each clinic will come fitted with basic medical supplies and a staff house for a resident medical orderly to attend to patients.
The immediate cost of building the facility was not made known by the member but materials for the building came from the local forest and was milled by a local sawmill company.
“The 30 houses including the clinics have been completed; however, it would take 36 months to put them up on each site where common village people can access basic healthcare,” Maipakai said.
Community leader Ilaua Maikere said that the initiative by the MP was a milestone for the people of Kikori area and thanked Maipakai for such initiatives which  would greatly benefit the people in the area.