Kikori: Unpaid police allowances blamed for polling delay

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The National, Wednesday 04th July, 2012

ANOTHER female candidate for Kikori open, Esera Kerut, has slammed the unpaid police allowances as the cause of delay in polling for Kikori in Gulf. 
Kerut expressed disappointment over the reason given by the election manager for Gulf Poevare Tore last week that polling for the area was delayed over non- payment of allowance for police.
The delay has taken more than a week without ballot papers and ballot boxes delivered.  
Attempts to get comments from Tore were unsuccessful.
Kerut said it was unacceptable and is asking the PNG Electoral Commission to explain the prolonged delay.
“This is a cheap explanation and I do not buy it because it has taken over a week and the people from these wards are waiting to cast their votes.
“There could only be a good excuse for a delay that we could agree to like transport problem or weather but his explanation of non-payment of allowance is very hard to swallow,” she said.