Killed over sex

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The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

A PREGNANT woman from Yate village in the Lower Wage LLG, Komo-Margarima district of Hela was killed last Friday after she apparently refused to have sex with her husband, police confirmed yesterday.
Hela provincial police commander Jimmy Onopia confirmed the incident but was unable to give further details.
According to a relative, the 20-year-old woman was seven months pregnant with her second child.
She was also breastfeeding her first child who was less than two years old and did not want to have sex with her husband that night.
A struggle ensued and the woman screamed.
Neighbours heard the scream and came to the house.
She was stabbed in the chest with a knife and died two hours later.
The husband has yet to be questioned over the incident.
Hela Governor Anderson Agiru said in January there were too many cases of men using offensive weapons to attack their wives being reported at Tari Hospital.
He said many mothers were brutally harassed each day and mothers in rural areas were often under stress.
He urged police to take firm action over cases such as these and urged doctors and nurses
to report such incidents to the provincial police commander so that quick action could be taken to apprehend the perpetrators.