Killer, 17, jailed 12 years

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A GRADE seven student who slashed a man to death with a bush knife in Chimbu last year was jailed 12 years by the National Court last week.
Justice Daniel Liosi, in jailing the 17-year-old from Karapai village in Sinasina-Yongomugl, said the youth had to pay for his actions.
“Everybody, including a juvenile, must be held accountable for their actions and if you take away a life, you will have to pay for it,” Justice Liosi told the youth in court in Kundiawa on Wednesday.
“Any amount of remorse, any amount of sorry, any amount of money cannot bring back a life which is given only once.
“So, you must be made to realise to accept to live with the consequences of your decisions and actions.
Justice Liosi, in his decision, added: “Your imprisonment will hopefully assist you to redirect your life as it is part of the court’s mission to put you on life’s correct path if you have gone off course.”
“This can be seen as rehabilitation to assist you to become a useful member of the community again.
“This will be best served in your community.
“Your imprisonment will also serve another purpose and that is deterrence.
“This is to deter you and other juveniles from committing other offences and for you to understand that crime pays.
“Might I also add here that although there is no evidence of alcohol here, alcohol always plays a major role in many such offences by juveniles like you and, of course, mixing around and walking around with peer groups.”
The court heard that on May 4, last year, at about 6pm, the deceased, Yani Dingi Boy, was walking home from Mai to his village at Kapra in Yongomugl.
That was after selling food and soft drinks at Mai Council Chambers during social games there.
On his way at Waukombuglo Road junction, he was confronted by the youth and two others armed with bush knives.
The youth chopped Boy several times on the head and caused his instant death.
He then moved the body to another spot and hid it.
Nobody knew about that until early next morning when some mothers who were going to their gardens discovered the body and the community was alerted.
The police were called in to investigate.
During the investigation, the youth surrendered and admitted to the leaders in the village and the police and also disclosed the identities of the other two persons involved.
On July 8, the juvenile pleaded guilty to murdering in the National Court and apologised to the victim’s family for his actions.
Justice Liosi, after considering submissions from lawyers, said the circumstances of the case was very serious.
“You pulled the knife out of your friends hand to attack the deceased by executing the three fatal blows to the head and face,” he said.
“The third blow apparently disfigured the face so much that the relatives could not recognise him.”