Killers get 20 years

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The Nationa, Monday July 16th, 2012

TWO men who pleaded guilty to murder have been jailed for 20 years hard labour each by the national court in Wewak, East Sepik province.
Justice Cathy Daavani jailed the men, from Makupwuanip village, Dreikikier District, East Sepik province, last Friday.
Their terms will be reduced by the three months, three weeks and three days they spent on remand.
The court heard the two accused, Mathias Minjia and Ezekiel Weingar, and two others, Ken Warieng and Bruno Baiam had committed the murder on March 17 at Makupwuanip village.
The men admitted attacking the deceased and his wife with bush knives and spears as the couple were returning from Mosam village after a mediation.
The deceased was cut on the mouth, head and arms, and died as a result of this injuries.
The deceased, Matthew Weionnel, is from Makupwuanip village, in the Dreikikier area.
Minjia and Weingar told the court that the deceased had destroyed a number of their properties.
They told the court they were on their way to report the matter to community police when they met him and his wife.
They said when they confronted him, he responded by swinging his knife and cutting Weinger on his arm.
Both claimed they retaliated by attacking the deceased with the knife he was holding.