Killing mars Chimbu-Enga relations

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I READ with much sympathy Taskin Kaingi’s letter regarding the brutal killing of UPNG student Benny Bero Wia by a group of Chimbus on their way to Chuave from Wapenamanda.
Obviously, this bunch of Chimbus who set up the roadblock picked the wrong target.
This type of barbaric killing must stop not only in Chimbu but the entire Highlands region in order for highlanders to progress in the 21st century.
While I share the grief with the parents and tribesmen of the victim, I urge Kaingi to report to police and appropriate authorities to bring to justice those perpetrators.
Just like Wapenamanda, Chimbu has no natural resources and depends entirely on its human resource, thus, there is no room in our two societies for criminals, hooligans and cannibals.
But, like all societies, there are few people still living in the pre-historic era and continue to ambush and disturb the travelling public.
Kaingi should not seek justice through the media by generalising on Chimbus but provide appropriate information to police to make arrests.
Chimbu and Enga have enjoyed a long history of peaceful relations in politics, academia, business and social life in towns and cities.
This one incident should not derail the total harmony we have shared for generations.
The individuals implicated should be singled out to face the full force of the law.
Such acts should attract the ultimate sentence – death penalty.

Gomla Yal
Dumai Bris, Simbu