Killing of officers seen as sedition


The killing of two police officers in an ambush last Saturday should be considered as an act of sedition, says Papua New Guinea Police Association president Lowa Tambua.
He said it was militant and a rebellious behaviour against law-enforcement officers and the State should marshal all the security ability available to rein in the culprits.
“The police association passes its condolences to the immediate families of the two officers and at the same time condemns these culprits who cold-bloodedly murdered the two hardworking police officers,” he said.
“Citizens must embrace and appreciate the work of all the police officers.”
He said police officers must be protected in every aspect of their lives because it was the police presence that allowed for the smooth flow of government services.
To allow certain groups to hold an entire province to ransom when police withdrew their services due to such attacks was inconsiderate, Tambua said.
“The police association has considered this risk factor and  has negotiated  with the Police Department and the national government to secure and provide insurance cover for all serving police personnel.
“The RPNGC and the Government have agreed eventually and since last year that insurance premiums have been provided to provide life and medical insurance cover.
“We now call on the government to provide this years’ outstanding premium to cater for such casualties and any other unforeseen circumstances detrimental to the lives of our police officers.”
Tambua said that in the interim, the parents, relatives or commanders of the two deceased members should contact the association.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki has also condemned the shooting of the two officers.
“It had nothing to do with police work, but because of politics,” he said.

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