Kimbe mayor arrested

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The National, Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KIMBE town mayor Nick Tupi will appear in the Kimbe district court today to answer to charges relating to the alleged attempted murder of a 26-year-old man.
Tupi was arrested on Good Friday at Section 27 in Kimbe town, West New Britain provincial police commander Supt Richard Mulou said.
He said there had been a drunken scuffle between the youth and Tupi during which the youth suffered a serious knife wound to the head.
The youth was rushed to Kimbe hospital where he was in a critical condition.
Tupi was believed to have been in the company of four other men who were under the influence of alcohol when the scuffle took place last Friday afternoon.
In other reports, seven high risk prisoners on remand at Lakiemata jail escaped between 11pm and midnight on Saturday.
Mulou has warned people to be extra alert for these men as breakouts like these caused anxiety in the community.
He said the escape was disheartening for police investigators who put in great effort to bring offenders to justice.
The escapees are Vincent Kalus Bambai on remand and awaiting trial for murder, Vincent Kraus Petrus on remand for armed robbery, Alfred Windu on remand for wilful murder, Richard Windu on remand for attempted murder, Ben Paul Sepetio on remand for wilful murder, Reuben Mark Kais on remand for break and enter and stealing and Mission William for a dangerous drug offence.
Mulou expressed serious concern that the breakout appeared to have been facilitated “by sheer negligence on the part of wardens on duty, who failed to lock the gate to their cell block allowing the inmates to easily escape from the jail compound and under the main perimeter fencing”.
“Whether this is intentional or just sheer negligence of duty by the wardens concerned is something the jail administration will have to establish and address.
“I am calling on the jail commander, Supt John Koilamus, to take immediate action against wardens concerned.”