Kimil needs a facelift


KIMIL is a satellite town of Jiwaka, located in the western-most part, sharing the border with Dei district of Western Highlands.
It is strategically situated in the heart of bustling economic activities that contribute enormously to the internal revenue of Western Highlands, and now Jiwaka.
Kimil hosts some of the largest multinational coffee plantations that put Papua New Guinea on the world map.
This small township – the pride of Kulaka, Opei, Kinjibi, and Prandka people as well as Papua New Guineans working in the plantations, schools and health centres – is a home away from Banz town. Government after government – national, provincial and district – have never taken any initiative to develop Kimil into a modern economic hub of the people in this agriculturally-rich and fertile western part of Jiwaka.
It is a letdown seeing only local leaders and businessmen trying their best to keep Kimil up and running.
It is high time Kimil gets a facelift because it is the only town of the Kulaka-Opei people.
It is very saddening to see it being continuously neglected and given no teeth to flourish and be the powerhouse commercial hub of Jiwaka.
I love my beautiful Kimil town.
If I were the local MP, I would engage and utilise our local engineers to draw up structural plans to upgrade satellite towns like Kimil.
This will boost internal revenue with increased business activities.
Put up more key institutions to attract the national Government’s attention.
We already have the facilities there but we need a facelift.

Sigri Kupkap
Akaka Dam

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