Kingal touched many in PNG and overseas

Letters, Normal

I WAS surprised to hear the chairman of the international Christian student movement in Shenyang city, China, informing the more than 50 members that Pastor Joseph Kingal was involved in an accident.
He also informed us that Kingal did not make it and had passed away.
He said he would pray with Papua New Guinean students.
He revealed that Kingal was close to the members of the movement and had been invited several times to speak to them. 
I was in tears when I saw how the students and professionals from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada and the United States pour their hearts out to God with such a concern and passion during the prayers.
He told us that Kingal has gone to be with the Lord and that we need to pray and seek guidance to find another person in the Joseph Kingal Ministry to carry on the work of the late pastor.
We had invited Kingal to attend our national conference early next year.
Many of us were looking forward to it.
Kingal was a true servant of God and his death is a loss not only to PNG but to those he had touched in his crusade around the world.
He had set a very high standard when spreading the word of God and the challenge facing PNG now is to find someone like Kingal.
I would like toconvey our condolences to his wife Susan and four children, relatives and friends.
We are standing with you during this time of grief and may God grant you peace and strength.
May Kingal’s soul rest in the bosom of Abraham. 

Ferguson Molsie Ronespha
Shenyang, China