Kingal was able to achieve ‘unity in diversity’

Letters, Normal

I broke into tears when I read the tragic death of Pastor Joseph Kingal (The National, Oct 19).
Kingal was a real man of God and no instrument can measure the impact of life-changing messages of truth he and his wife had been preaching in this country and globally.
No politician or chief executive in the corporate sector is powerful enough to achieve our national motto “unity in diversity”.
Even if any one did, it was temporary.
But there is one group of people who can do that.
Preachers like Kingal, by the power of God through his spirit and gospel, are able to unite the diverse people of PNG.
Real peace in our communities does not result from any material purchase or change in economy and politics.
Rather, peace and serenity are the ultimate expression and experience of God’s omnipresence with mankind through the power of the gospel.
While thousands advocate political and economic stability, law and order, etc, there is a handful advocating peace, happiness and self-contentedness.
One of the few citizens advocating a happy and peaceful life had just crossed the great divide.
We will miss the powerful messages delivered by the late Kingal in his red, black and gold shirts he normally wore at crusades.
I think it would be fitting to accord Kingal a state funeral for the mission he had done in PNG and overseas.
I convey my condolences to his wife, Pastor Susan, their four children and family.

Davies Gomla Yal
Nomane, Chimbu