Kinjones ready for Ipatas Cup

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WABAG Kinjones are  raring to go for the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup finals to be played in Mendi, Southern Highlands province, this week.
They defeated all teams in the Wabag trials and are set to meet the best in the elimination finals in Mendi.
Assistant coach , who is also the Mioks halfback, Mose Kungu, said the boys had been preparing well and were looking forward to participating in the finals.
Kijones, led by veteran  Peter Sa’ar, will be ably supported Roy Anthony, Richard Yallon, Danny David and Kungu.
The side: Jackson Walo, Douglas Piaks, Stanis Tondop, Matthew Kopia, John Waka, Lolo Sapun, Mose Kungu, Jonah Mackay, Roland Panda, Sa’ar (captain), David, Yallon, Anthony, Elias David, Robin Pupu, Kurth Kambu, Pere Panda, Martin Lemban, Iki Yallon, Junior Simon, Lucas Rovi, Paul Tambai, Berman Lokalio and Honey Sande.
Norman Simon is head coach and will be assisted by Ezekial Punta (doctor and Mathew Kopia (manager).