Kipalan is Enga’s deputy governor

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 WABAG rural local level government president Roy Kipalan has been elected deputy governor of Enga.

He was unopposed during the provincial assembly last week.

Son of former Wabag MP, the late Sir Albert Kipalan, Roy Kipalan beat former president Koni Kepakan in the LLG elections during the final elimination before he was further elevated by the assembly.

Governor Peter Ipatas, who chaired the inaugural assembly meeting following the LLG elections, described the assembly members’ decision to choose Kipalan as “reasonable”.

“Critics may argue why the two top positions are centred in Wabag instead of spreading to other districts. I still think the assembly members made a right decision because the people want someone from closer to Wabag town to provide leadership when I am away attending my election petition cases,” he said.

Ipatas announced his nine-man provincial executive council members with the appointment of former Air Niugini employee and Wapenamanda rural LLG president Misek Semai as chairman of works, transport and civil aviation.

Other appointments include Laiagam LLG president Tera Landau as chairman for law and order, district development and community services, Kompiam LLG president Joe Nayepe (finance), Paela LLG president Pera Mopa (mining and conservation), Porgera president Bilip Leo Kuala (health) and Luso Lolan (chairman for information services).