Kipefa urges tribes to stop fighting

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 A PEACEFUL atmosphere helps in the delivery of services and development in districts, Obura-Wonenara MP Mehrra Minne Kipefa says.

He made the comment at a first peace talk between the Onamuna and Asarenka tribes, of Aiyura Valley, at the Goroka Police Station yesterday.

The two tribes had been fighting for the past three weeks and that resulted in the killing of three people, including a Grade 8 student.

Kipefa told leaders of the factions that the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) and Coffee Research Institute (CRI) were important institutions of the Government.

He called on the people to respect the institutes and other State establishments like the Obura-Wonenara district administration, Aiyura National High School and Aiyura Fisheries.

“I am strongly appealing to you for peace and harmony, lay down your arms and end the fighting once and for all,” Kipefa said.

“If peace does not come to Aiyura Valley, I will fold my hands. 

“There are many other people in the district that need my attention, I will not have to always give you special attention.”

The Asarenka tribe wanted to know why the Onamuna tribe attacked them in the initial stage, while the Onamuna said they were preparing to lay down arms and apologise for what had happened.

They were sent back to their tribes for more peace talks before returning to the next roundtable discussion.