Kirakira One, Taurama Two triumph in netball competition


KIRAKIRA One and Taurama Two came out on top in round five of the senior division of Moresby South’s Motu Koita netball competition after claiming wins over Taurama One and Pari One respectively.
Kirakira remain undefeated after thrashing Taurama One 20-9 while Taurama Two posted a 10-4 win over Pari One.
Kirakira One went on to grab back-to-back wins following a 12-10 victory against Taurama Two while Mahuru One, under the guidance of Rita Raka, defeated an inexperienced Korobosea One 23-3.
Raka and shooter Cathy Tulapi lead Mahuru One’s campaign.
Meanwhile, the intermediate division saw Pari One grab double wins on Saturday after defeating Korobosea Two 21-11 and Pari One 19-10.
Mahuru Two, with Baeau Morata in attack, overcame Kirakira Two with a 15-4 win while Mahuru One defeated Taurama Two 10-3.
The competition is in its second month with organisers to host playoffs and finals next month.
Moresby South will name a select side for trial match against a Moresby North West team from Hanuabada village. Results: Senior division ­— Taurama Two 10 Pari One 4, Mahuru One 14 Kirakira Two 11, Kirakira One 12 Taurama Two 10, Mahuru One 23 Korobosea One 3, Kirakira One 20 Taurama One 9, Kirakira Two 10 Pari One 6; Intermediate division — Pari Two 20 Taurama One 9, Mahuru Two 15 Kirakira Two 4 Pari One 21 Korobosea Two 11, Mahuru One 10 Taurama Two 3, Pari One 19 Pari Two 9.