Kiunga airport needs urgent work


KIUNGA Airport infrastructures have deteriorated and there is a need for major upgrade to meet the growing demand and standards set.
Every day, this small airport is always busy with travellers of different classes.
Most are general public, government workers, NGOs, OTML workers, projects workers and tourists.
We understand that Kiunga was one of the airport to be upgraded in 2017 and 2018 under the Civil Aviation Development Investment Programme progress, Kiunga is one of those airports to be upgraded in 2017 and 2018.
However, due to unknown reasons, the upgrade has been delayed and re-tendered early this year.
As Christmas is approaching, it will be a good news for the people of North Fly if the Marape–Steven government approve and sign off for the project to start next year.
We thank the government for the Kiunga town and Tabubil road sealing which is currently in progress.
The people of North Fly deserve a better airport and infrastructures that meet required standards in order to provide better and quality services.

Concerned Traveller

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