Kiunga clubs closed due to murder probe

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The National, Thursday 25th April 2013

 POLICE have ordered the closure of all nightclubs in Kiunga town, Western, after the murder of a man last Friday.

Police believe that Waggi Aiapa, 18, of Salato village in North Fly, was killed with a bush knife around midnight.

“He had a cut from the back right side of his ear to his eye,” provincial police commander Silva Sika said.

He said Aiapa had attended a dance at the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) operating base and was 

also reported to have been under the influence of 


“After the dance, he was found sleeping at the basketball court next to the PNGDF base.” 

Sika had instructed the base commander to suspend dance nights and he has also temporarily closed all nightclubs in town.

Town residents have supported the move.

“This is to contain the social problems of people drinking and dancing in the nightclubs,” Sika said.   

He urged the town residents to drink moderately and return home safely.