Kiunga needs a proper urbanisation plan

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

Kiunga is the provincial capital of Western and it has seen an increase in its population in the last five years.
This is attributed to the gold, copper and oil and gas discoveries in the North Fly where the town is.
The people are making a beeline there from within the province and as far as Southern Highlands.
This has led to settlements mushrooming around the township.
Law and order problems have also increased besides putting a strain on government service.
This has caused the Kiunga hospital struggling to handle the surge of patients as it was not designed to cater for such a huge number of people.
It is obvious the people are here in search of work, a better standard of living and opportunities from mining and petroleum.
I would like to ask the Fly River government whether it has any plans in place to control this situation.
It needs to draw an urbanisation plan urgently.
This will ensure Kiunga can be developed systematically instead of the haphazard manner as can be seen in many of our urban centres and make it the model town in PNG.
The town could have a museum and cultural centre, public library, proper sport centres, hotels and other commercial developments.
In addition, the airport must be expanded to cater for larger planes, hospital and staff quarters upgraded, and the same goes for the police station and police barracks, and other state buildings.
I truly believe this will turn Kiunga into a model town not only in PNG but also the south Pacific.
The provincial government must act now before it is too late.


Ted Malongim
Tabubil, Western