Kiunga security guard faces drug charge

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The National, Thursday 18th April 2013

 POLICE have charged a security guard with being in possession of dangerous drugs after finding 1.9kg of dried marijuana at his home in Kiunga, Western.

Provincial police commander Silva Sika said the Kiunga police quick response unit arrested Meksy Babale, 33, of Tagum village in the Lake Murray sub-district area. 

According to the police, Babale is married with six children.

Sika said that police raided Babale’s house and confiscated the drugs. 

Police are looking for his accomplices.

He warned drug traffickers to stop their illegal activities in the province.

“These activities will not do anything good for our young people who are vulnerable to the drugs,” Sika said.

He urged people to look at better ways of earning a living.