Kiwis assist EHP rural women’s group

Highlands, Normal


A SMALL women’s group from the Gorohanota village located some 10 km northwest of Goroka town, last week received more than K3,000 worth of materials for the first time.
The materials (for sewing and agriculture) were funded by the New Zealand High Commission.
Conservation Ramu Niugini executive director Anton Waiye delivere four sewing machines, threads, sewing machine oil, two spades, two forks, two bush knives, two grass knives, vegetable seeds and a knapsack sprayer with three round-up containers.
The Mini Koma women’s group vice-president Aki Koezo said the materials from the New Zealand High Commission, facilitated by Mr Waiye, were the first ever received after the formation of the group.
“Our village is tucked away in a corner; our standard of living is poor with no means to support our family and to assist our children in school.
“Therefore, we gathered women and formed Mini Koma (small garden) to find avenues to improve our living standard and to help our families and our children to attend school because education is very important these days,” Mrs Koezo said.
She thanked Mr Waiye for successfully facilitating for the materials.
Mr Waiye commended the Mini Koma women for forming the group and registering their group, saying that Government and other donor agencies these days were coming to assist legally registered and recognised groups to make sure that everyone benefits.