KLC invests in hauling trucks

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The National – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE owners of the Kutubu Catering Ltd (KCL) are now proud owners of one of the new hauling trucks owned by Trans Wonderland Ltd (TWL) that are servicing the PNG LNG project.
This was disclosed yesterday by TWL managing director Larry Andagali.
The KCL board members, management team and shareholders presented a cheque for K750,000 as their share to TWL business.
The cheque covered the acquisition of a brand-new hauling truck.
“As of July 1, you own one of the 10 new prime movers and your truck is making money now as we speak,” Andagali said.
“It is about TWL’s vision to give opportunities to landowners to own and buy shares at to make TWL a truly landowners company,” he said.
He said from just 50 trucks and 100 employees, TWL now owned 250 heavy trucks including 85 prime movers transporting fuels and other logistics from Lae to the PNG LNG project sites.
KCL chairman David Baiyamoe, his deputy Tom Nakei and managing director Peter Heno said their decision to invest into TWL was based on the level of confidence they had in  the company’s prudent and successful venture in the transport industry.