Klinki association’s new route-2 PMV fares illegal, says Transport official


New PMV fares announced last week by the Klinki PMV Association in Morobe are illegal, the provincial land transport board and traffic registry says.
Executive officer of the Transport board and traffic registry Joshua Mais said the only body authorised to determine prices of all goods and services including PMV fares was the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC).
He said this after Klinki PMV Association chairman Dan Nali endorsed new fares for route 2 starting from Lae to  Mumeng, Bulolo and Wau.
Mais said such endorsements were illegal.
“The 2010 ICCC-approved PMV fare is still current as well as all other routes throughout the country because you cannot change PMV fares for route 2 in Morobe alone. ICCC considers the situation nationwide before making decisions,” Mais said.
Nali held a meeting at Wampet village, in Huon Gulf district, last Wednesday and endorsed the new PMV fares.
The revised fares from Lae to Markham Bridge – K2 (from K1); Bulolo  –  K20 (from K15) and Wau  –  K30 (from K25).
“ICCC alone will determine these fares and not Nali, this is illegal,” Mais said.
“Any concern regarding land transport operations, PMV associations are required to come and see the Morobe Land Transport Board for amicable discussions and together we will do submissions.”
Mais also urged Nali to justify to MLTB why the association collected K1000 in fees from vehicle owners serving in route 2.