Knife-related crimes rising

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KNIFE wounds are one of the most common wounds that health workers at Modilon Hospital and other health centres in Madang treat, an official says.
Madang Health Authority chief executive officer Fedilish Waipma said to treat a patient who sustained such wounds was expensive because of the equipment and materials that would be used.
He said the hospital beds were being overcrowded with such patients and these were the patients that nurses monitor every minutes.
Waipma urged people not hurt each other using knives because of the situations they faced in the hospital.
Waipma, while speaking at the Saidor station on Saturday, said he had witnessed people receiving knife wounds travelling from Rai Coast to Madang to seek medical attention.
He told the people that morgue space was filling up and they had to find extra containers to store bodies.
Waipma urged people during this festive season to avoid getting into situations where they would get hurt.
He said the hospital was running out of medical drugs and other things so it was best to look after themselves.
Waipma said that prevention was better than cure.